1958 Chevrolet 3100 Apache 1/2 ton

short bed step side truck

How not to buy an old pickup that is in great shape.  ** don't buy that vehicle on eBay for a great price **

However, I like the truck I bought and will likely put a lot on money into it.

Of course, a better idea is buy a totally restored vehicle.  Odds are that you will not be able to restore a truck for cheaper than the market value of a completely restored old truck.

September 2006


Wheels and Tires 10/2006

Spare Tire Mount 10/2006

Steering 11/2006

Fender Emblems 01/2007

Steering Wheel 02/2007

Hood Emblem 03/2007


more pictures to come... still in work November 9, 2007




http://www.stovebolt.com/  resource for pre 1973 Chevrolet and GMC trucks