Other VB Sites

ATTAP: Visual Basic Programming.

Visual Basic Home Page: Carl and Gary's, the definitive VB Web Page!

Catalyst Software : provides Winsock compliant TCP/IP custom controls for Visual Basic and other VBX/OCX supported products. Catalyst SocketTools includes FTP, SMTP, POP3, TELNET, HTTP, HTML, DNS, NNTP, RLIB and SocketWrench/VB controls.

Gary Beene's Visual Basic World: This site covers VB3 and VB4, including pointers, files, code, magazines, original articles, and more.

Robert's Home Page: Lots of original Visual Basic content.

Strange Visual Basic Home Page: Listing of useful Visual Basic sites.

VB'ers Electronic Magazine.

VB Online Catalog: a reseller of Visual Basic add-on Software and books.

VB Online Magazine: FREE magazine full of tips, tricks, code, product reviews etc.

YBPC Web Site: The Young Basic Programmers Club.

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