Visual Basic Tip: 01/29/96

Form Tips: Hot Key Labels, Change the TabIndex, Add Multiple Controls.

- Hot Key Labels

Use an ampersand (&) prior to the letter in the label's caption for which
you want a hot key assignment (alt - letter key combo).  Example: a label to
the left of a text box with a caption of Name (label1.caption="&Name").
Also ensure that the TabIndex value is one lower than the associated text box
control's TabIndex value.

- Change the TabIndex Sequence

When the control Tab order sequence gets messed up, select the controls in reverse order
and set the TabIndex to zero for each one.  When you are done, the tab order is
in the correct sequence.

- Add Multiple Controls to a Form

When adding multiple controls to a form, place the first control on the form.  Then
set its properties...color, alignment, size, etc.  Then copy the control and paste it
to create the rest of the controls.

**Sorry for the short tips file for this week!  I'll try to get some time to write some
good code tips in the next few weeks.  :-)    Phil

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Created by: Philip