Visual Basic Tip: 10/02/95

Use Access to Design SQL Statements.

If you use VB3 to program Access databases, you will soon find

that the VB Data Manager isn't a very good tool.  You'll have

to get a copy of Microsoft Access!

With Access you'll be able to build and maintain databases much

easier that using the VB Data Manager.  One not so apparent use

is for creation of SQL strings.  Use Access to visually design

a new Query.  After testing the Query in Access, choose the Menu

item View - SQL while the query is open.  The underlying SQL in

ASCII text will be shown in a text box.  Copy the SQL and paste

to your VB code.  This is great way to easily design the embedded

SQL statements that your custom VB app requires.  In addition, it

is good way to learn SQL structure (since VB has weak SQL 

documentation).  Be aware that the SQL from Access may need some

minor editing to function correctly in the VB environment.

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Created by: Philip